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large ornamental piece with cameo, costume jewelry around 1900, radial rhinestones, central green glass disc with plastic cameo, backside 4 small ...

Pair of children earrings with turquoise, doublé, around 1920, total l. with hooks approx. 1,5cm

Pendant with citrine stone, Doublé, 1920's, stone in staircase-cut, scrollwork decorated setting, l.with eyelet 4,6cm

ball necklace, Murano, around 1950, millefiori, single knot, screw cap, ball D.approx.8,5mm, l.48cm

Bracelet, Comrose&Kross, JBK, Jacqueline Kennedy Collection, USA, silver plated, Swarovski stones, lock with extension from 18cm to 20cm

Pair of ear studs with white ball suspension and enamel, around 1920, plug, movable disk in front of black enamel plate l.5,4cm

Medallion with Hematite Gem, around 1900, Doublé, on the obverse side with antique engraving of a warrior profile head in oval recess, backside sm...

4 big decorative buttons, art deco, plastic with golden and silver inlay, d.from 3,2cm to 4,5cm

2 brooches, art nouveau, doublé and silver, floral doublé brooch with 2 small river pearls and garnet, l.3,7cm; ball brooch with 2 river pearls, l...

Pair of earclips, amber glass, costume jewelry USA, around 1930, facetted, clip, l*w approx.2,7*2,85cm

Bracelet, Doublé, around 1920, fine chiselled with asian motifs, lock with 2 safety eights, l.18,5cm, w.2cm

Medallion on ring necklace, mourning ornament, around 1890, oval medallion with plastic flower bouquet (some minor missing parts) of ebonized wood...

Bone chain, 1920's, weight 12,85g, balls in the course, middle part with carved flower balls, screw cap, l.45cm

bracelet with turquoise, 925 silver, weight 14,90g, 7 oval turquoise cabochons in decorated link setting, with closure, l.18,5cm

Necklace with dragonfly, 985 silver, weight 9,93g, mother of pearl wings, dragonfly L.5,2cm, total length approx. 45cm

"Belt" bangle, 925 silver, weight 15.70g, oval, hinged, belt buckle, width adjustable, inside D.4.4*5.8cm to max.6.6cm

Ring with colored stones, 925 silver, weight 7,54g, silversmith production, ring head 4*1,2cm, circum. 53

Ring with coral and lapis lazuli, Georg Kramer, 835 silver, 1st half 20th century, weight 4,59g, 2 ball shells, open ring rail, circum. slightly v...

Pendant with aquamarine blue stone, 925 silver, around 1930, weight 7,36g, oval faceted stone in decorated setting with movable loop, l.4,7cm

big silver brooch in the shape of an arrow, Biedermeier, weight 7,98g, long needle with floral relief and ball suspensions, l.approx.11,8cm

Mixed lot of silver jewelry, 45,36g and 1 pair of ear studs, 1,07g, 8K gold; silver, 800 to 925: necklace, l.44cm, 3 pendants, 4 chains, lengths f...

Mixed lot of silver jewelry, 925 silver, total weight 12,15g; pendant and pair of earrings with light stone; ring with sapphire blue stone, circum...

Bangle with bead suspension, 925 silver, weight 6,19g, closed, round hoop, lateral eyelet with small bead, inner d.6,5cm

whole finger ring, 925 silver, weight.70,37g, in form of a shrimp, total l.9,3cm,

2 rings, silver and 333K gold, ring with initial letters, 835 Silver, weight 6,26g, circum.51; ring with stone setting, Art Nouveau, 333 Gold, wei...

Bakelite jewelry case "Severin, Magdeburg" with 835 silver brooch: 6,17g, aquamarine blue faceted stone in floral setting, needle slightly bent, l...

Necklace with pendant, Randers Sölv, Denmark, 835 silver, weight 10,57g, d.3,5cm, with rod link chain, l.68cm

3 rings, 925 silver with jasper, jade and mozambique garnet, total weight 20,11g, 1* drop-shaped jasper cabochon, 7,785ct, circum.55; 1* oval jade...

large amber pendant on silver anchorchain, total weight 36,07g, large natural butterscotch amber, l*w*d approx.4*4*2cm, silver mount with loop, ch...

silver pendant with amber, Scandinavia, weight 7,94g, round, clear, honey brown amber cabochon, d.2,3cm, eyelet decorated by rings, pendant L.5cm

Amber necklace, faceted discs, weight 60.70 g, clear, dark brown, single knotting, screw lock, L.65cm

Amber necklace, olive shape, weight 39.11 g, from honey brown to butterscotch, tapering, screw cap, L. approx. 55 cm

Ring and pendant with raspberry rhodolite, 925 silver, weight 7,88g, ring: 4* drop-cut rhodolite, total 1,69ct, 44* white topaz, total approx. 0,2...

2 men rings, 925 silver, with chalcedony and spinel, total weight 15,68g, 1* oval chalcedony, 4,13ct, circum.62 and 1* black, round, faceted spine...

Pendant with chain and ring, 925 silver with pink opal, total weight 17,68g, oval cabochon, 7,745ct, ring head decorated with 4 marcasites, circum...

3 pairs of earrings, 925 silver with Mozambique garnet, freshwater pearl and spinel, total weight 14,78g, pair: 4 garnets, 3,24ct, 2 white topazes...

Rose quartz bracelet and agate disk; bracelet with 26 fancy-cut stones, total 217,35ct, on strap, with certificate of authenticity; agate disk wit...

cigar holder, 14K yellow gold/bakelite, Art Déco, hexagonal with roller engraving, total l.8,5cm

Bracelet with diamonds, 18K yellow and white gold, weight 14,63g, drop-shaped links set with 13 diamonds, total approx. 0,39ct, lock with 2 safety...

Ring with aquamarine blue stones, 8K gold, weight 2,40g, 5 navette-cut stones, circum. 57

Pair of earrings, 14K red and white gold with stone setting, weight 5,78g, intertwined bands, l.3cm

Ring with zirconias and sapphires, 14K gold, weight 4,67g, ring head with stone setting, circum.57

Ring with rod-shaped gemstone and zirconias, 14K gold (pr.), weight 3,47g, entwined ring head, circum. 55

Garnet necklace, 8K gold, weight 5,88g, flower shaped middle part, anchor chain, l.approx.43cm

Pendant with precious stone, 14K gold, weight 0,78g on 8K gold chain, weight 1,60g, pendant with oval faceted stone, l.with movable loop 1,9cm, ch...

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